Monday, November 14, 2016

What are you grateful for TODAY?

This is the month of Thanksgiving – the month of Gratitude. Not that we should not be grateful all year long… But in case you kind of forgot this year… let’s talk GRATITUDE today. It is not too late to start now. And if you read this post, I hope you take me up on the challenge I will issue at the end of it.
For now, let’s get started on what is the connection between money and gratitude. And how can your gratitude and appreciation for the things you have and the things you are able to do in life can translate in more money for you.

Tony Robbins often says “Where your energy goes, that grows.” That is true. We are beings made of energy and can influence the energy of our surroundings. Therefore, if you focus on plenty you will have plenty, and if you focus on scarcity, you will have scarcity. I know that I always say that my focus on sharing my thoughts is more on the practical side of money and I will get to that in a second. Though I need to make clear the fact that if you believe you have enough, that there is enough out there for you, then you will have it. Sometimes it may not seem like it, and that is the toughest time to believe. However, that is necessary for you to achieve.

When you believe it, then you can achieve it – may IT be money, a career or any personal goal. So that is why it is important to not just do the mechanics, but also get our brains and our feelings involved. When we start the day off with a good thought and happiness for the things that will come our way, we get more things that can make us happy. When we are grateful for what we currently have in our life – and we all can find at least one thing that we like and we appreciate – we will attract more things that we like and appreciate.

Zig Ziglar always said that if you want to lose weight, you cannot think like a fat person. Your brain does not understand the word NO, so it will bring into your life more of the things you are thinking about. So you cannot think like a poor person, and I believe we are all rich in our lives. You may say that is not the case with you but I know that money is not the only thing that measures the riches. And I will be the last person to tell you that you should not focus on money – after all, this is a blog about MONEY. All I’m saying is that you need to start somewhere.

Think about the things you have in your life that you are grateful for, and not the debt or the bills or the worries. Think of the good you will do with the money coming into your life, and be grateful you are here today to have a chance to work towards that good. And more good will come your way.

So my November challenge for you is to write down 3 things you are grateful for. And not just one time but every morning before starting your day, for the rest of the month; or the rest of the year if you are even more courageous. And then, come back and leave a comment with the 3 things that are on your list that day, or the most frequent ones. I would like to know and be your cheerleader.    

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