Monday, January 18, 2016

Wishing well

Have you contributed to this?

I had to share this picture from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. I found it so important to share that I decided to put it on the blog, and not just have a couple of lines about it on Facebook.

You may wonder what is so important about this picture…. Well, it is just another wishing well. (Excuse the pun!) But it made ME wonder what people are thinking to just be throwing money in this little pool of water created for decorative purposes.

Looking at the coins resting at the bottom of this little decorative waterfall, I had to wonder how many “wishes” (meaning coins) collect there over the course of the year… and then, also wonder how many of those wishes are money-related, i.e. pay off debt, save for a vacation, buy a new house, buy a new car, etc. Has any of the wishers considered saving that penny, or nickel, or dime, or quarter and put it toward achieving that goal?

Some of you might know the story of the penny that doubles every day for 30 days… I guess the people how throw money way like this, don’t know it. I know you are going to say that nobody nowadays will double your money daily and make you a millionaire in 30 days. You are probably right. But you also have to agree that if you keep your money instead of literally throwing it away, you have more chances or multiplying it. And if a penny won’t make you a millionaire, no problem. Keep your penny, and find some friends for it – in your piggy bank, in your pocket or in your bank account. You will be richer with all your money rather than just some of it, won’t you?

This is not a way of saying you should not give, or help others, by any means. This is just my way of saying that you can and should do what you want with your money – as long as your decisions are wise, and well thought out. And if your choice is to support Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, I will commend you on a wise decision. Give them a donation (from your bank account, tax deductible) and not the change in your pocket thrown in the wishing well.

Another thought that came to mind was the example that we set for the children when we teach them it is OK to throw money away, and that it will bring us more money and more of what we want. What will they think, and how is that going to impact their future?  

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